Try These Simple Ways If Your Baby Not Sleeping Enough

By on August 23, 2013

Baby Not Sleeping EnoughAre you feeling that your baby not sleeping enough? None of you would like to a have a baby awake in middle of the night.

Actually, babies require long hours of sleep unlike adults. This is because babies tend to grow and develop well during their sleep.

However, when you have an infant at home, your baby may sleep continuously for five hours at the maximum, but sometimes may awake within no time and would be ready to play.

If you are a working person and feel that your baby not sleeping enough then, it would lead to lots of stress and deprive you of sleep. You have to follow few steps to make sure that your baby gets enough sleep as it will your baby calm and composed.

Make bedtime a ritual for your baby:

Being a parent, you will have to follow certain rituals to make your baby take the cue and settle down to sleep. You can offer a warm bath to relax the baby and help her to get good sleep. You can also associate a toy or music chime each night so that your baby will be ready to settle down faster.

Sleep Friendly Environment

If you are with the opinion that your baby not sleeping enough, then makes sure that you create a sleep friendly environment for the baby. Make sure that the room is dark enough with minimum light, avoid talking near the baby (if necessary talk in very low voice), avoid playing with the sleeping baby, etc.

Massage slightly:

You can slightly massage your baby as you put her to sleep. Try to sing a soft song or lullaby of your choice and perform a little massage every day. Follow this for a month and perform it for 15 minutes. Your baby will begin to fall asleep much faster.

Follow a rhythm:

Baby always follows music right from your womb. Play a soothing music and repeat the same each day. Make sure that you do not change the music, as it will associate the sleep time with your baby.

Also, make sure that you do not play the same music during the day time as it will confuse your baby regarding the sleep time. This is highly effective if you feel that your baby not sleeping enough.

Do not disturb your baby at any cost:

Avoid waking your baby at night either to feed or changing your nappy at night. If your baby sleeps half way through feed slowly, remove the bottle from her mouth without disturbing your baby. If you want to change the nappy then change it without waking your baby.

Introduce a bit of feed during sleep time:

When your baby is feeling sleepy, offer a bit of milk even if you are breast-feeding before you put her to sleep as some babies love to sleep while they suck milk. When you think that, your baby not sleeping enough then you can try this method.

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