Know About Various Types Of Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders

By on June 24, 2014

Circadian rhythm sleep disorders are the type of sleep disorders that are caused due to problem in sleep and wake timings of a person. People with this sleep disorder have the problem of maintaining normal time going to bed or waking up in the morning.

Various symptoms of circadian rhythm sleep disorders is that they have hard time for the onset of sleep, even after asleep they face the problem of maintaining continuous sleep, wake up too early, and having poor quality of sleep.

Circadian Rhythm Sleep DisordersCircadian rhythm sleep disorders are categorized mainly as extrinsic and intrinsic. Let us have a look the various types of circadian rhythm sleep disorders that a person can get effected to.

Shift Work Sleep Disorder

This is extrinsic type, which is caused in people who work in night shift.

These people face the problem of getting sleep as they are sleeping the morning hours, when the general public is awake and working. [Daytime Sleeping Tips]

Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder

This is an intrinsic type of circadian rhythm sleep disorders. This disorder is also known as Delayed sleep phase syndrome or delayed sleep phase type.

A person with this disorder fall asleep and wakes up after more than two hours regularly than the normal sleep wake timing.

A person with this disorder sleeps after 1am and wakes up late in the morning regularly. This disorder is generally found in adolescents and young adults.

Advanced Sleep Phase Disorder

This is also an intrinsic type of disorder, which is also known as Advanced Sleep Phase Type or Advanced Sleep Phase Syndrome.

In this type of circadian rhythm sleep disorder, the effect person sleeps too early than the regularly i.e. between 6PM and 8PM, and wakes up too early i.e. between 2AM and 4AM.

This type of sleep disorder is generally found in middle aged and older people. And it tends to increase with age.

Non-24-hour Sleep Wake Disorder

This is also an intrinsic type of circadian rhythm sleep disorders. A person with this disorder has the problem of varying sleep wake time daily. The sleep onset time and wake time shifts every day.

Irregular Sleep Wake Rhythm

This intrinsic type of circadian rhythm sleep disorder is characterized by having irregular sleep wake times.

A person with this sleep disorder does not have any particular sleep timing or wake up time. Person will have many naps during day and also wakes up frequently during night sleep.

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