Types of Mouth Guards For Teeth Grinding You Can Try

By on June 6, 2014

Are you or your near ones is having the habit of teeth grinding in sleep? Then you can use mouth guards for teeth grinding as a treatment techniques.

Mouth Guards For Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding in medical terms is known as Bruxism. Teeth grinding will result in teeth wear, tooth mobility, and sometimes even tooth pain. These mouth guards for teeth grinding will help in preventing these effects.

Let us have a look at the various types of mouth guards for teeth grinding available in the market. Basically, they are of two types ready to wear type of mouth guards, and custom made mouth guards.

Ready to Wear Mouth Guards for Teeth Grinding

Ready to wear mouth guards are again of two types. They are Stock mouth protectors and Boil and bite mouth protectors.

GrindingStock Mouth Protectors

Mouth Guards For Teeth Grinding - Stock Mouth Protectors

Stock mouth protectors are readily available to wear. You just need to go to a sports shop or pharmaceutical shop and purchase. This is an inexpensive option of stopping teeth grinding.

Of course, as soon as insert it in your mouth, parts of the mouth recognize it as foreign element and feel uncomfortable.

These mouthguards are bulky, cannot be properly adjusted, also makes it difficult to breath and talk, and also don’t provide much protection to teeth. Most of the dentists does not recommend using this type.

Boil and Bite Protectors

Mouth Guards For Teeth Grinding - Boil and Bite Protectors

This is another type of ready to wear mouth guards for teeth grinding. You can even get this from any sports shop or pharmaceutical shop. This is better than Stock mouth protector mouth guard.

This type of mouth guard as the name says, you have put it in boiling water and use it. It is made of thermoplastic material. As said earlier, first put it in hot water to soften it. After that put it your and press it around your teeth with finger and tongue.

Custom Made Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards For Teeth Grinding - Custom Made Mouth Guards

This is best option for preventing the effects of teeth grinding. You cannot get these mouth guards in sports stores or pharmaceutical stores like ready to wear mouth guards. You need to go to a dentist for getting.

Once your dentist takes your dental impression, then it is molded at their office or at some professional laboratory with special material. These are best, but as they are custom made with special material, they are a bit expensive when compared to other two types of mouth guards.

Whatever mouth guard you choose, you should better consult a dentist before using it. If you are using a mouth guard, then it should be comfortable to wear, prevent teeth wear, and be easy to clean.