Unusual Effects of Lack of Sleep That You Never Expect

By on January 17, 2014

Do you know sleep debt can make you feel foggy and grumpy? Yes, there are many profound consequences due to lack of sleep that you never expect on your both physical and mental health.

Here are some most serious and surprising effects of sleep loss. Let’s take a look!

Heart Diseases

Lack of Sleep Effects - Heart Diseases

Sleep loss can enhance the likelihood of dying from heart diseases, cardio vascular effects and irregular heartbeat.

Heavy Eyes

Heavy eyelids and blurry vision can happen with sleep deprivation. Eyes get hurt and look watery all day and cause discomfort and even painful.

High Blood Pressure

Sleep loss can also put you at greater risk for high blood pressure. Pressure builds up in the arteries of heart and finally leads to heart attacks.

Lack of Sleep Effects - High Blood Pressure

Mortality Rate

Those who have irregular sleep patterns can have a high mortality rate than those who get enough sleep on regular basis.

Sleep Deprivation Accidents

Serious accidents are related to sleep loss and fatigue very often. Driving while dealing with sleep deprivation is very dangerous since your reaction time is very poor just like effects of being drunk.

Lack of Sleep Effects - Sleep Deprivation Accidents

Reduced Interest in Sex

Sleep specialists proved that both women and men report less interest in sex and experiencing lower libidos. Sleepiness, depleted energy and increased tension are largely blamed.

Reduced Immunity

Are you feeling exhausted? This happens in the lives of people with lack of sleep. Yes, sleep derived individuals produce lower levels of antibodies in response. This indicates that your immune system is not strong enough when you feel tired.

Lack of Sleep Effects - Reduced Immunity

Decreased Mental Health

Person with sleep deprivation can experience mental effects as well after having many sleepless nights. Your brain feels difficulty to concentrate and making decisions.Hence, your risk of injuries at work or home and even on the road increases.

Physical Appearance

After having several nights of missed sleep, you can experience puffy eyes and sallow skin. Believe it! Chronic sleep debt leads to fine lines, lackluster skin and dark circles around the eyes.

Lack of Sleep Effects - Physical Appearance

Makes Obese

Sleep loss slows down your metabolism and enhances your appetite thus possibly makes you fall under obesity category.

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