Know The Various Causes For Children Night Terrors

By on November 7, 2014

Children night terrors usually occur in children between the ages of 3-12 years. Night terrors are usually the sleep disturbances, which can cause your child to suddenly bolt upright on the bed, scream, cry, mumble, moan, and smack about by keeping the eyes wide open, but without being truly awake.

The child is held in a sort of dusk zone between being asleep and being awake. Also the child is truly unaware of your existence and not likely to reply to the things you say or do.

Children Night TerrorsAccording to many researches, night terrors are mysterious glitches in the usually smooth transitions we make each night during the sleep stages.

About 6 percent of children may have night terrors that usually begin during the toddler or preschool years, but sometimes they may also continue until the adolescence age.

When the child has night terror during his/her sleep, this episode may last from five to 45 minutes. Once the incident is over, you child may fall asleep abruptly without being aware of the incident.

Usually children night terrors occur in the first half of the sleep that is when the child is having most of the deep sleep.

Common Causes of Children Night Terrors

These night terrors are the result of various things. To be frank, there is no exact cause but it may be triggered by:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Fever or any illness may make night terrors even worse
  • Periods of emotional stress, tension, conflict or worrying deeply about something
  • There is a family history of night terrors or sleep walking
  • Night terrors may also happen in normal children, but it doesn’t mean that there is significant emotional or psychological problem
  • Sleeping in unfamiliar surroundings
  • Noise or lights
  • Overfull bladder
  • Certain medications that affect the central nervous system

Sometimes over-arousal of central nervous system causes regulation of your brain activity. When the children grow up, the incidence of night terrors may also decrease as the brain also continues its growth with the age.

According to the research, children with sleep apnea may also have night terrors. Studies proved that there is a link between sleep apnea and night terrors. So, make sure your child to get checked with pediatrician.

Children with sleep apnea may also have difficulty in getting enough sleep, so over-tiredness and stress can cause night terrors in kids who are susceptible to them.

The good news here is that children night terrors may not cause any kind of harmful effects on your child.

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