Various Causes of Choking In Sleep, Which We Should Aware Of

By on January 31, 2014

Choking in sleep is characterized by cessation of breath while sleeping or it may become shallow. Causes of choking in sleep may vary in severity from serious to fatal.

Let us learn about the most common causes of blockages in airways while sleeping that induces choking.

Few Causes of Chocking in Sleep

Causes of Choking In Sleep

  • Sleep apnea is described as collapsing or blocking of the while sleeping. This blockage can cause breathing pauses or shallow breathing. It leads to loud and chronic snoring. Gasping or choking can follow the pauses of breathing. Overtime, choking may occur very often and get even louder.
  • Choking can also be happened if someone is suffering from asthma, cold or allergies. It can also be resulted due to infections that cause throat tissue to swell. Allergic reactions can also cause throat to swell so that breathing becomes difficult and shallow leading to choking in sleep.
  • Choking in small babies and children is caused by tiny foreign objects blocking one of the air passages. If children play with toys or other objects in their mouth, there will be an increased risk that the foreign object may get into airways or trachea accidentally.
  • Alcohol consumption, aging and poor fitting dental work are the risk factors for causing choking in adults while sleeping.
  • Choking can also happen due to inhalation of blood caused by facial injuries like dislodged teeth, broken nose and laceration of lips.
  • Some of the medical conditions that cause choking are bronchiolitis, epiglottitis, cleft palate, febrile seizures and severe croup.
  • Gauze packs that are inserted during operation can be inhaled and get lodged in the trachea or larynx causing choking in sleep.

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