Various Methods For Sleep Apnea Diagnosis

By on December 26, 2014

Sleep apnea is a sleep condition that is very difficult to diagnose. Even sole consultation with a doctor and blood tests might not help in showing whether a human being is afflicted from it or not.

The best method that can help you in recognizing whether you suffer from sleep apnea or not is by asking your housemate or bed partner about the sounds that you make during sleep.

Sleep apnea is very dangerous and therefore it is very important for you to go for an early treatment.

Sleep Apnea Diagnosis

There are different Sleep apnea diagnosis methods and the most common ones have been discussed below:

Sleep Apnea Diagnosis

Physical Examinations

During physical examinations, your doctor will have a look of your nose, throat and mouth for large or extra tissues. Physical examinations are generally very effective for children because children suffering from sleep apnea generally possess enlarged tonsils.

This is the reason why doctors do not test children for any other symptoms. Adults suffering from sleep apnea usually possess a soft plate or enlarged uvula. Uvula is the soft tissue hanging from the middle of the mouth while soft plate is mouth roof.

Sleep Studies

Sleep studies generally measure the quality of your sleep and the body’s ability to respond to certain sleep problems. Tests which are carried out help the doctor in knowing whether the patient is suffering from sleep disorder.

Tests also tell the doctor about the severity of the condition. Different varieties of sleep studies can be carried out but the most common ones suggested by doctors include home sleep test and in-lab overnight sleep.

Home sleep test is perfect for the patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. While carrying out this test, you sleep in the comforts of your bedroom while there is a machine collecting information. In-lab overnight sleep study involves staying in a hotel room overnight with testers hooked-up in different parts of the body.