10 Effective Ways to Help You Sleep

By on July 22, 2013

Ways to Help You SleepThere are several reasons why people don’t sleep at night, but there are also various ways to help you sleep throughout the night. You can use either natural or over-the-counter medicines to fall asleep.

Here are the most effective ways to help you sleep:

1. Set a bedtime: Usually we set an alarm to wake up in the morning. But, punctually going to bed is just as important as waking up in the morning. Set an hour to shut down everything in the night and try to stick to it even on weekends. You should understand a fact that your body too needs routine.

2. Take a shower: When your body’s temperature increases, it affects your sleep quality and quantity. You can avoid that effect by taking a toasty bath.

3. Keep it dark: Even a smallest amount of light can disturb your sleep. So, switch off your TV, computer and hallway lights till you wake up in the morning.

4. Drink herbal tea or warm milk: Drinking warm milk is one of the easiest ways to help you sleep. Milk is rich in calcium and I-tryptophan that help your body prepare for sleep.

5. Eat light: Having large meals or drinking high amounts prior going to bed will increase the chances of indigestion or more frequent visits to the bathroom. Light eating before the bed can help with sound sleep.

6. No drinking or smoking: Avoid the habit of smoking or drinking a glass of wine before going to bed. Nicotine and alcohol are the stimulants that not only keep you awake but also interrupt your peaceful night’s sleep.

7. Comfortable bedding: Firm mattress and supportive pillows are best for comfortable sleep. Make sure that the pillows are comfortable, supportive and best suited for sleeping position tendencies. Different pillows are needed for people with fetal position and for people who sleep on their stomach.

8. Avoid the pets to sleep along with you: Even though pets are adorable companions, they are not the sleep’s best friends. Usually pets wake up several times in the night thus wake you up also.

9. Don’t leave the pain: Even if you are suffering from mild pain, don’t let it go as it will keep awake or cause frequent disturbances in your sleep. Either you can take ibuprofen or visit your doctor to relieve the pain.

10. Avoid caffeinated drinks: Another one of the effective ways to help you sleep is avoiding caffeinated drinks. Avoiding caffeine doesn’t mean that you need to get through the day without it. Remember that you should not drink it after sundown.

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