What Are The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On Teens?

By on February 24, 2015

There are a lot of teenagers these days who are deprived of sleep. There are many serious effects of sleep deprivation on teens and therefore it is important to take remedial measures for sleep deprivation.

Lifestyle plays a very important role in the teenagers not getting enough sleep, but sometimes there might also be some biological reasons.

Whatever be the reason, it is necessary that the effects of sleep deprivation on teens are reversed before they create major issues.

Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On Teens

Some of the effects of sleep deprivation on teens have been mentioned below:

Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On Teens

The Brain Gets Slowed Down

The functioning of the brain is highly affected due to sleep deprivation. This includes memory function and learning. This can also result in mental illness and heart disease.

Slowly the brain loses its capability of identifying emotional events and controlling responses to specific situations.


There is a very close relation between obesity problems and sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation works as an obstacle for the hormones that perform the task of regulating glucose, appetite and metabolism.

This results in unbalanced hormones, which directly affect the weight of the teenagers. On the other hand, if teenagers get a good night’s sleep, it can help them lose a considerable amount of weight.


Sleep deprived teenagers suffer from severe depression and longer illnesses. They also suffer from fatigue. Sleep deprivation in teenagers can also be closely related to self-esteem issues.

Treating insomnia in teenagers and getting good quality sleep can help in increasing self-esteem and in fighting depression.

Intellectual Impairment

Sleep deprivation or insomnia can also result in IQ impairment. This can automatically give rise to situations like poor relation with friends and lower grades in class.

Physical Impairment

The body also starts showing some of the effects of sleep deprivation with time. Motor functions and coordination of the body can get impaired and teenagers might also suffer from reduced cardiovascular performances, clumsiness, tremors and reduced endurance.