What Are The Effects Of Sleeping Pills Overdose?

By on August 6, 2013

Sleeping Pills OverdoseSleeping pills are a type of sedatives that are used to treat sleeping issues like insomnia. Your doctor would prescribe these pills to curb various sleeping problems that you suffer from.

But if these pills are taken more than the prescribed limits then you will face unwanted health problems and side effects that can be even fatal at times. Make sure you stay updated with the various effects of sleeping pills overdose if you are taking the pills or administering it to your loved one.

Effect 1 – Hallucination:

With sleeping pills overdose, you might experience hallucinations. The presence of antihistamines in the pills reaches the brain and causes drowsiness and disrupts the patterns of your thoughts.

If you have an elderly patient at home, stop the pill immediately if they show these signs of hallucination. Even if young aged people show such signs then make sure to seek professional advice.

Effect 2 – Slow rate of heart beat: :

This is one of the major effects of sleeping pills overdose that is revealed by research studies. The sleeping pills have stronger formulation to induce sleep. Hence if administered in high dosages can lead to extreme sleepiness and a very low heart beats which is s life threatening condition.

Effect 3 – No consciousness: :

Natural sleep is very different from losing consciousness a you will not be able to wake the patient normally. This would mean that the patient is in coma or is slipping into that stage slowly. So it is essential to call for medical backup to prevent such conditions.

Effect 4 – Confused state: :

If a person has had an sleeping pills overdose, then he or she will experience great difficulty in thinking and would be in confused state of mind. This will apply to all activities they try to perform.

If a person has taken a high dose, then he/she will be not in position what they are doing or why are they doing it. They won’t be in position to recognize usual people whom they see regularly.

Effect 5 – Lightheadedness: :

This is a common effect among people who take excessive sleeping pills than prescribed. All the body functions become very slow that leads to lightheadedness. The body system slows down as your heart pumps blood slower that causes you to feel light headed or even faint sometimes.

Effect 6 – Tremors: :

Tremor is another effect of sleeping pills overdose that causes the body to make any sudden movements that are characterized by quick jerks throughout the body. This is also because of loss of muscle control, shakiness, weak muscles and unsteadiness.

Effect 7 – Seizures: :

When the intake of sleeping pills is excess, and on it if a person consumes alcohol then, there is every possibility that the person might experience seizures and convulsions. This is the worse side effect of sleeping pills with antihistamines along with alcohol can make it much worse.

Effect 8 – Vomiting: :

When an excess of sleeping pills is consumed, the toxic effect of the pill with cause vomiting and this would be very severe that there would be nothing left in your stomach.

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