What Are The Side Effects Of Loss Of Sleep On Children?

By on August 13, 2016

Is your child emotional, frustrated, and tantrum throwing, then it may be an outcome of lack of sleep. There are many negative side effects of loss of sleep in children. According to a research, nearly 25 to 30% of the children are having lack of sufficient sleep.

Sleep is very important for everyone, particularly in case of children. It helps in maintaining physical and mental development of children. Sleep also shows impact on child developments like learning, behavior, concentration, and memory.

Children aged below 5 years of age requires more than 12 hours of sleep. And children aged above 5 years require 10 to 11 hours of sleep.

Side Effects Of Loss Of Sleep

Negative Side Effects Of Loss Of Sleep In Children

Have a look at the negative side effects of loss of sleep on your child:


Sleep affects the body of the child firstly rather than the brain. Obesity is the one of the common side effects of loss of sleep seen in children. Child feels tired with loss of sleep. And also leads to hormonal imbalance. Tiredness and hormonal imbalance makes the child obese.


Loss of sleep in children shows greater impact on concentration. Children do not feel refreshed with insufficient sleep. This makes the child to lack concentration and attention. Lack of concentration and attention will show effect on child’s performance at school.

Behavioral Side Effects

Lack of sleep will also shows its impact on the child’s behavior. Behavioral changes such as reduced grades, regular school absences, naughtiness, irritability, not mingling with other children properly, sleeping in school, etc are observed.

Mental Disorders

One of the dangerous side effects of loss of sleep on children is that it can result into other mental disorders like depression, mood disorders, and ADHD. Lack of sleep increases the risk of ADHD and ADD.


Lack of sleep in child also makes prone to injuries. As the children become more clumsy and impulsive with insufficient sleep, they become more prone to accidents and injuries.

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