What Are The Various Causes Of Insomnia In Women?

By on August 8, 2013

Causes of Insomnia in WomenInsomnia in women is more common than in men according to various studies. There are many causes related to this condition.

Insomnia is of two types, i.e. short term insomnia, which lasts to a maximum of 2 to 3 weeks and long term insomnia, which lasts for more than 3 to 4 weeks.

Short term insomnia is not dangerous, but the long term insomnia, if left untreated can result in many other dangerous health conditions. There are many causes of insomnia in women correcting which would allow them to sleep well.

Lot of stress:

Many women worry too much about the school, family, health, and money that their mind is active throughout the night which hinders with the sleeping pattern. Sometimes, the loss of a dear one, divorce or loss of job might also lead to insomnia.

Depression issues:

Another important cause of insomnia is women are depression. When you suffer from depression, you suffer from depression you will sleep too much or have trouble with sleeping.

This results to the chemical imbalances of your brain. These imbalances are caused by worries that when combined with depression would prevent your mind from relaxing. This will trigger other mental issues too.

Side effects of medications:

Many prescription drugs can hamper the sleep owing to its ingredients. Medications for depression, heart issues, blood pressure, corticosteroids and stimulants might keep women awake during the night as it would have some stimulants that keep them active at night. This plays a vital role and is one among the causes of insomnia in women.

Indulging in drinks that have stimulants before bed time:

Coffee, tea, cold beverages and other caffeinated drinks have stimulants that keep the senses awake. When women drink tea or coffee before going to bed would make them feel fresh and prevent them from falling asleep.

Consuming alcohol would also cause insomnia in women as well as in men as it will act as a sedative and will induce sleep but will make them awake in the middle of the night.

Medical conditions:

Some medical conditions would leave many women very tired. Conditions that lead to insomnia are arthritis, stroke, cancer, overactive thyroid, GERD, heart failure and lung disease.

When these medical conditions are cured or treated, then it will alleviate the condition of insomnia and offers a good amount of sleep. This is one among the major causes of insomnia in women.

Changes in the work schedule:

Working women who spend late hours working would be more prone to insomnia. Working late can hamper the natural rhythm of the body and might lead to facing difficulty while sleeping. The internal clock gets a drastic change owing to the irregular sleeping patterns, body temperature and metabolism.

Poor sleep habits:

Another cause of insomnia in women is poor sleep habits. Habits that aid sleeping are called sleep hygiene. Poor sleep hygiene can be the resultant of irregular sleep schedule. Indulging in mind stimulating activities like playing or watching TV on the bed will lead to insomnia in women.

Make sure that the bed is used only for sex and sleep. Don’t even have the habit of reading with the pillow on. Some women tend to follow this unhealthy sleep hygiene that makes them face insomnia.

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