What Causes Excessive Sweating While Sleeping? Know The Causes

By on March 10, 2015

Do you wonder what causes excessive sweating while sleeping? Excessive sweating while sleeping or night sweats refers to a physiological and an abnormal condition of the body because the body is at rest and there is no reason to sweat while sleeping.

Excessive sweating while sleeping is not harmful for the body, but it is quite irritating, staining sheets and even causing stinks. You can get good riddance from this condition if you know what causes excessive sweating while sleeping.

What Causes Excessive Sweating While Sleeping

Let us have a look at what causes excessive sweating while sleeping.

What Causes Excessive Sweating While Sleeping

Menopause or Andropause

Both women and men tend to suffer from night sweats during their transition to andropause or menopause. These are conditions when the body goes through hormonal changes that start affecting the hypothalamus. This directly affects the normal temperature of the body increasing sweat levels.

Wrong Eating Habits and Lifestyle

Leading a sedentary life can cause excessive sweating while sleeping. If you are in the habit of eating fatty foods that have resulted in obesity and lack of enough exercise can also cause night sweats. Excessive intake of alcohol and caffeine can also be associated with conditions of excessive sweating.


Dreams are very powerful and they might result in physiological reactions leading to conditions of excessive sweating while sleeping. The body can easily experience tremors and sweats if you have nightmares, rip-roar adventures and sexually-charged fantasies while sleeping.

Fevers and Infections

There are some quick fevers, diseases and infections that can also cause night sweats. The most common diseases that can cause excessive sweating while sleeping include HIV infection, tuberculosis, inflammation of the heart valves, endocarditis, cancers, infection of the urinary tract, obstructive sleep apnea, head injuries and hypoglycemia.


There are some medications that can also cause night sweats and the most common ones are anti-depressants. If you have recently changed your anti-depressants and tend to be suffering from night sweats then it is important for you to consult your doctor.

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