What Causes RLS? Know The Common Causes

By on February 12, 2016

RLS stands for Restless Legs Syndrome. It is a disorder of the human nervous system that causes an urge to shake or move the legs. In fact, it interferes with the sleep and is thought to be the sleep disorder.

Those who suffer from this, they feel strange sensations in the legs and are driven by the urge to move the legs. You may be thinking what causes RLS but then it is misdiagnosed and unrecognized.

What Causes RLS

Most of the times, even doctors cannot trace out the exact cause of the RLS condition. Genes play an important role in RLS. The legs feel very uncomfortable when one suffers from the RLS. To relieve the symptom, you should massage the legs, do brisk walking.

So, What Causes RLS

Let us check out what causes RLS.

Chronic Disease Causing The RLS

There are some chronic diseases that may cause RLS. Medical conditions like the iron deficiency, the diabetes, kidney failure, Parkinson’s disease causes the syndrome of RLS. If you can treat the named medical conditions, perhaps you can get relief from the RLS.

Can Pregnancy Cause RLS?

During pregnancy most of the women experience RLS. When they are in their last trimester, this syndrome becomes more prominent. Within the month of delivery, the symptoms of RLS move away.

Certain Medications Causing RLS

There are certain kinds of medications like the antipsychotic drugs, the anti nausea drugs, the cold and allergy drugs, the anti depressants which can also cause the RLS. The medicines having the sedating antihistamines worsen the situation.

Other Factors Causing The RLS

Sleep deprivation and the use of alcohol can also cause the RLS. They can trigger or even worsen the situation. Improve the sleep quality and do away with the alcohol addiction to cure RLS.

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