Why Do I Have Restless Legs?

By on August 20, 2013

Why Do I Have Restless LegsIf you are one among the millions who think, why do I have restless legs? Then it means you are experiencing a throbbing, creeping and other weird sensations in your legs that are uncontrollable in nature.

These symptoms would hamper your sleep time as it occurs during the wee hours of the night as these sensations are described as irritating, painful and uncontrollable. This condition is known as Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS).

RLS has no specific or clear-cut cause for its occurrence. However, studies reveal that it might occur owing to the imbalance in the chemical present in the human brain called as dopamine. This chemical is responsible for sending signals to your brain to control the signals.

Answers for Your Question – Why do I have restless legs?

There are a number of causes, which may directly or indirectly affect you. Some of them are discussed below to answer your question about why do I have restless legs.

Heredity factor:

RLS is a heredity condition as half of the patients diagnosed with this condition have it running through their families. This is 100% possible, if you experience RLS at a very young age. Researchers have revealed study results, which show few chromosomes that have RLS genes in them.


When a woman is pregnant, she will undergo few hormonal changes in the body. This would make her to experience restless leg syndrome temporarily. However, if a woman is already a patient of RLS, then pregnancy would worsen her condition even more.

Some women who are pregnant with their first baby would experience this problem during their final trimester. However, it goes off after child birth.

Peripheral Neuropathy:

Sometimes nerve feet and hands get damaged due to some medical conditions such as diabetes and even due to too much consumption of alcohol. Even this could result in restless legs.

Deficiency of Iron:

Though your deficiency of iron does not lead to anemia, but might experience RLS. Symptoms may worsen, if you are already suffering from RLS.

When you have a history of stomach bleeding, bloody stools, and heavy menstrual flow or donate blood very often, then it would lead to a deficiency of iron. Eat lots of iron rich food when you begin to experience the symptoms of RLS.

Kidney Failure:

If you are already suffering from kidney failure then it means that you will also have iron deficiency. Sometimes, it will lead to anemia. When your kidneys do not function properly, then the reserves of iron storage tends to get depleted. This when combined with other body conditions has the ability to cause RLS or worsen the condition further.

Deficiency of magnesium:

Are you thinking why do I have restless legs? Then the answer might be owing to low magnesium levels in your body. Lack of magnesium in your body would lead to tensing up of leg muscles and trigger the urge to move the leg often.

If you have cravings for chocolate, it is a sign of low magnesium in your body. Cut the craving and chocolate and go for magnesium pills. This will help you to overcome RLS effectively.

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