Why Do Kids Wet The Bed At Night? Here Are a Few Reasons!

By on August 12, 2013

Why Do Kids Wet The Bed At Night?Though kids wet the bed when they are very small in age, but some continue to wet even after they grow a bit older.

Even after trying various methods to stop bed wetting, your child would do it regularly leaving you in a difficult situation.

To overcome such issues, it is essential to recognize the reasons behind why do kids wet the bed at night to make sure that you help your kid to come out of the habit gradually. Make sure you approach the issue with great care so that your kid does not get upset with it.

Reasons for Why do Kids Wet the Bed at Night:

Your kid can be nervous about this problem:

Sometimes, your kid can wet his bed out of nervousness. Your kid might think that he/she is responsible for wetting the bed, and would feel ashamed of his/her failure to control his urge to urinate at night. This would sometimes result in bed wetting.

You can provide night pants or a diaper to make sure that he is not wet and does not wet the sheets and covers, in which he is lying. You should motivate your child that he will definitely overcome this situation.

Drinking too much liquid before going to sleep:

When you give your kid too much liquid like water, milk or juice just few minutes before the bedtime, it might cause your child to wet the bed at night. Make sure to reduce the amount of liquids your kid drinks before few hours of going to bed.

This will be highly helpful in preventing the situation of making the bed wet at night which would disturb your kid from sleep. If your kid needs a drink, make sure that you offer only a few sips of water or juice to drink.

Not making the kid to pass urine before going to bed:

As a parent you have certain responsibilities to make sure that your kid has certain good qualities, which makes him or her to grow up as a good and healthy child.

Make sure you teach your kid to pass urine just before hitting the bed as it will empty the liquid collected in the bladder and hence the incidence of wetting the bed will be ruled out completely. If your kid goes to sleep with a full bladder, then he or she might wet the bed soon after a few hours of sleeping.

Being allergic to some foods:

Another reason for why do kids wet the bed is due to food allergies. Sometimes if your kid consumes some foods that have food colors in it, he or she might get allergic to it.

This would also cause your kid’s body to react in such a way that he or she would have the tendency to urinate in the middle of the night. Keep a note of the foods you give your kid and you will find few foods being the culprit behind the wetting.

Influence of the genes:

If you have gone through the problem of bed wetting in your childhood, then there is every possibility that your kid might to have the same problem. This would be passed on to your child as there are 99% chances of your kid getting this habit through your genes.

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